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tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant

Sand Ceremony

A Look at Sand Ceremonies

Sand ceremonies are used to symbolise the input, commitment and sacrifice that the contributors are prepared to make, for the child having the naming day ceremony.

The ceremony involves one large empty central vase, which is generally displayed at the head (focal point) of the ceremony. Depending on how many smaller vases are being used, parents family and friends will take a small vase of coloured sand, and slowly being pouring it into the larger central vase.

Remembering that the central vase represents the child having the naming day ceremony, it is up to the discretion of each person pouring the sand, how much sand will be added. The end result should be varying layers of coloured sands in the central vase, with each layer symbolising the effort that each contributor will make with regard to the child at the centre of the naming day celebration.

A reading can be performed during this ceremony, or a piece of music may be played to enhance the ritual.

At the conclusion of the naming day celebrations, the central vase filled with sand is displayed in the child's bedroom, or somewhere prominent in the home, as an eternal reminder of the support the child has from friends, family and parents.

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant
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