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tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A Look at Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

The ribbon cutting ceremony at your naming day signifies a new beginning and unity.

This ceremony requires a piece of ribbon, rope or other material. The parents hold their child, placing their hands together on the scissors, and making a single decisive cut through the tethered ribbon or rope. This is a symbol of new beginnings.

A variation to this, it to have the celebrant tie the ribbons or rope to the hands of the parents and child, thus, becoming a hand fasting ceremony (symbolising unity).

During this ritual, you may want to play some mood fitting music in the background, or have a friend or family member perform a reading. The addition of these items greatly enhances the ritual.

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant
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