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tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant

Hand Fasting Ceremony

A Look at Hand Fasting Ceremonies

The hand fasting ceremony at your naming day symbolises unity, devotion and support for your child.

Whilst hand fasting is an old pagan marriage custom, it can beautifully adapted for naming day ceremonies. You need several lengths of either rope, nylon or other material, which need to be of varying colours.

The ropes or material is then fastened or tied around the hands of the child and parents (and sometimes other family members), in order to bind a pledge. As further pledges are made, more lengths of material are tied, with each length being a different colour.

Pledges can be simple gestures such as: "we will always support you in times of need or hardship", or "I will never leave your side", and so on.

As with most rituals, it is always fitting to play or perform music in the background, or even invite a friend or family member to do a reading. These added features will help to enhance the occasion and celebration.

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Naming Day Celebrant
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